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Wait! - Overview

Wait! is a Unity coroutine utility that lets you use declarative syntax to write coroutines without the fuss of IEnumerator or yield syntax for simple timing tasks.



Wait for Frames, Seconds, SecondsByFrame, or until a specified condition is satisfied.

Repeat your wait any number of times or indefinitely.

Easily chain waits together. (eg. wait until 5 seconds after a condition is complete)

Group waits to stop, pause, or resume them all together.

Specify an action that runs when ever you start the wait.

Run coroutines in any script, not just MonoBehaviors (thanks to More Effective Coroutines).


It's free! so just grab it from the Unity Asset Store and add "using SL.Wait;" to any script.


More Effective Coroutines - FREE

Wait! is effectively a wrapper that makes More Effective Coroutines easier to use. As such, it also needs to be installed for Wait! to work. Any version should work fine but we use the Free version linked here.